How to Frame Your Diamond painting?

Framing your diamond painting is a great way to display your masterpiece and protect it from dust and damage. Here are the steps to prepare your diamond painting:

Measure your diamond painting: Firstly, measure your diamond painting’s size to find the appropriate frame.

You can choose a frame: You can visit the local craft or hardware store or shop online for a suitable structure for your diamond painting. A stand with a depth of at least 2-3 cm is preferable to accommodate the painting’s thickness.

Disassemble the frame: Disassemble the shelf by removing the backboard, glass or acrylic cover, and any matting.

Place your diamond painting in the frame: First, lay the diamond painting on a clean, flat surface with the adhesive part facing upwards. Next, place the frame on top of the image, ensuring that the picture is centred correctly.

Secure the painting to the backboard: If the frame comes with a backboard, flip the painting over and attach the image to the backing board using some tape or glue.

Reassemble the frame: After securing the painting to the backboard, reassemble the frame by replacing its parts in reverse order, not damaging your image.

Hang your painting: Finally, install the hanging hardware on the back of the frame in the centre, hang it on a wall, or place it on a shelf or table for display.

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You can beautifully display your diamond painting in a frame with these easy steps.

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