How to work with big diamond paintings?

Working with big diamond paintings can be a rewarding and enjoyable craft project. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to work with big diamond paintings:

Prepare your workspace: Find a clean, flat surface where you can work comfortably for an extended period. Ensure there’s enough space to spread out your canvas and supplies.

Unroll the canvas: Carefully unroll the diamond painting canvas on your workspace. Flatten any creases or wrinkles by gently pressing the canvas with your hands or temporarily placing some heavy books on top.

Organise your supplies: Big diamond paintings come with many diamond beads or drills, so it’s crucial to organise them for easy access. Most kits include small storage containers or trays with labelled compartments. Alternatively, you can use a multi-compartment storage box or a craft organiser to sort and store your diamonds.

Peel back a small section of the protective film: Diamond paintings have an adhesive layer covering the canvas. Start by peeling back a small selection of the protective film, exposing the sticky surface.

Choose a colour and pour diamonds: Select a colour of diamond beads you want to work with initially. Open the container or compartment with the corresponding colour and pour a small amount onto the sticky section of the canvas. Spread them gently and shake the canvas lightly to help the diamonds settle.

Apply the diamonds: Use a diamond applicator pen or tweezers to pick up a diamond bead. The pen’s tip is usually sticky or has wax, allowing the diamond to adhere to it. Press the diamond onto its corresponding symbol on the canvas. Apply light pressure to ensure it sticks firmly. Repeat this process for each diamond of the chosen colour.

Work in sections: Big diamond paintings can be overwhelming, so working in teams is helpful. Start from the top left or right corner and work across the canvas, row by row. It prevents accidentally smudging the diamonds or sticking your hand onto the sticky surface.

Check alignment and straightness: Periodically step back and check that the diamonds align correctly and that the rows are straight. Adjust as necessary to maintain the overall alignment and symmetry of the design.

Seal the completed sections: Once you finish a team or a significant portion of the canvas, consider sealing it with a protective sealant. This helps secure the diamonds and prevents them from loosening over time.

Take breaks and enjoy the process: Working on a giant diamond painting can take hours or even days. Remember to take breaks to rest your eyes and hands. Enjoy the process and celebrate your progress along the way.

How to work with big diamond paintings

Following these steps, you can effectively work with big diamond paintings and create stunning art pieces. Happy diamond painting!

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