What is a Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is the new hot DIY craft. It's a cross between paint by numbers and cross stitch, using resin diamond gems to create a beautiful masterpiece. Each kit comes with a pen, tray, glue pad, diamonds, and a sticky canvas with a color-coded guide on it, which corresponds with the provided diamonds.

How To Diamond Paint

How To Diamond Paint:

Step One: Take your pen and push the tip into the provided glue pad

Step 2: Pour your diamonds into the tray (one color at a time), and use your pen to pick them up (when it becomes hard to pick them up use the glue pad again)

Step 3: Use the color-coded guide on the canvas and find the corresponding letter or number that matches the diamonds you poured into your tray (each pack of diamonds has a number written on it)

Step 4: Continue placing diamonds onto the sticky canvas in their correct spaces until all spots are filled.

Step 5: (Optional) Matte and Frame your painting.


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